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What is Artobolus?

2009 birth of Artobolus!

It is an ambitious project, created with passion in order to become the greatest and most authoritative international web community of artists.

The web site we were looking for!

No one has yet created a real community dedicated to the world of arts! And that's not the end of it! Artobolus is going on developing new ideas thanks to your suggestions!

To whom does this web site address?

Artobolus is open to everybody! It is a virtual place for artists and people keen on art where everybody can share his own works and express his own ideas, opinions and feelings.
In addition Artobolus is a precious source for talent scouts and gallerists searching for new or known artists.

The spirit of the community

Artobolus allows everybody to share ideas and opinions with other people and to promote and show his own talent!

What can I do on Artobolus?

All the users can search for tags, countries or categories, comment a work, collect and manage their favourite works and then let the other community users see them. This is an international web site! Everybody can write in his own language even if the English language makes you more active and known inside the community.

And for artists?

Each artist can create his own personal web site where he can load his works and his biography refreshing and modifying the contents by himself. Then personal shows and exhibitions, ateliers and galleries can be shown, in order to allow people to buy the works...

Hurry up! Register yourself immediately: the world of art starts here!