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Essidjaballah Bady - "Four doves drinking from a cup Emblema"
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Size:  70 cm

Year of creation: 2013

Weight : 10 kg

Description: This is a table of circular shape, represents two actors, one sitting on a chair and the other standing wearing a mask of tragedy and another mask was placed on a table

Mosaic technique: this table, it is a marriage of two art that will appeal micro mosaic (size less than 5 mm tesserae) and macro mosaic (size greater than 5 mm to 20 mm tesserae).

I applied modern technology (indirect method) to create this table, all the work was manual extraction of the stone, to the assembly.

Materials: To create this table, I used only marbles and natural stone.



The donation The Birth of Venus Four doves drinking from a cup Emblema

Essidjaballah Bady


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