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Amit Bar


In 1950 I was born in Kibbutz Kfar Hamaccabi, Israel, where I lived until
1988. As a kibbutz-member I was not able to take a complete study at an
art-college. Therefore I followed evening-lessons drawing for many years. In
1984 I finally got the permission to study creative art at the university.
My study at the university of Haifa was combined with Comparative Literature
and took three years. I have learned there a lot about various forms of
Creative Art. As follows, I decided to dedicate my interest on photography.
My final project was children photography.

Since 1988 I live in Doetinchem, The Netherlands, and work as a
freelance-photographer and painter. In my commercial work I take photographs
for a stock agency and make commissioned work. Wishing to combine my
photography with drawing and painting, I began to mix them in my artistic
work. It began in 1992 with photo collages and took another form in 1996
with body-paintings.

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