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María eugenia Benitez bird


Maria Eugenia Benítez Bird was born in Buenos Aires, in the end of the 60s. She grew up fascinated by music, colours and the mystic of the “Hippie” movement. Later she joined both “Flower Power” and “Punk” trends. Then she adopted the Romantics, the “Dark” and finally she became a “New Age”, this is to say “This is what I am and that is what I paint…”

Since she was a child that all her internal and external stimulus led her to draw in note books, sheets of white paper, loose papers and finally canvas.

In the middle of so many experiences and sensations and after a few years of working as a psycho-motor Technician, she decided to dedicate her life to painting, having attended several formation and improvement courses in many ateliers.

In 2006, she did her first individual exhibition in the “La Asociación Bancária Argentina” Art Gallery and in 2007 she won the 2nd Art Naïf Prize at the “XII Salón Mercosur Internacional” and also the most prestigious “Diógenes Taborda” Prize.

Nowadays she develops a project which integrates painting and psycho-motor techniques, to be used with children and adults.
As she states, “as time goes by, my Celtic roots have ingrained in my personality, magically feeding the tree of my creativity… I invite you to taste its fruits…”

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