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Helena Carvalho


ABOUT ME -I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  in a bucolic neighborhood known internationally - Santa Tereza – by being demanded by artists. There, where I was a child, I could too closely examine all kinds of art, improving the capacity that I already had in me - the artistic skill.    MY ARTWORK -  Most of my work is "painting with acrylic on canvas", but sometimes I draw with nankin ink on paper.  I don’t test or think what I  paint. I never make sketches. When I work I connect  a sensitive area of reality, a parallel world where ideas are captured and spilled in the media, as cosmic fragments. Some colors are spreaded.  It looks like a kind of dialogue between me and these colorful scenes. At the same time this world talk with me, I capture essences. New suggestions arise leading me to other ways - a second step - when I go with more layers of paint covering and eliminating some little areas of colors. The third and next stages also cover up the latter: new eliminations, further changes, additions and processing. Then, it comes a moment when the dialogue stops and “the artwork stays satisfied MY DESIRE - I seek to render less painful all that mankind’s eyes have seen, and all that the hearts have felt, too. My desire is to deliver a message to all artists: The Arts could only show the greater feelings, teaching people to be better. Let only the electronic and press Medias denounce the evil that exists, and let’s help our planet to be transformed in a calm and sweet site. Let’s provide tranquility and meditation, calm and serenity!

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