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Aneta Chabibulina


Aneta Chabibulina is rooted in the wild and pure Baltic land but she is a cosmopolitan, a citizen of this earth. The influence of Baltic places, at the same time terrestrial and fabulous, gloomy and relaxing, cold and mild, is clearly present in her art.

Born in 1983, under a certain Soviet influence, thus not dried up from this but rather inspired from the historical changes of these times. There is a strong imprinting in her works of art and a certain train of thoughts linking her paintings.

The contrast between strong colours and soft atmospheres and/or between soft colours and strong topics is also a characteristic of Aneta’s works of art, like a chemical formula that from time to time gives a different powerful reaction to eyes and soul of the public. Surely slightly influenced by some recognized past genius in the field of art, Aneta’s paintings are original and striking. The Eros is constantly present at different degrees and the feminine aspect is central, not forgetting the masculine counterpart, present even when absent.

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