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Nicoletta Dal vera



Nicoletta  Dal Vera was born in the North of Italy in 1951,  she grew up near Venice, where the ceramic tradition is very strong, in 1978 she moved to Piacenza , near Milan, where she lives and has set up a studio a few kilometres from the town.

She became interested in ceramics the first time in 1974 in England, where she spent 2 years for her studies and she had the chance to take some pottery classes at the  Central School of Art and Design of London practicing stoneware. Back in Italy she apprenticed to a famous pottery workshop in Bologna, than she set up her studio and she started to work with earthenware (maiolica) in the Italian tradition.

After a few years she went back to high temperature, working with reduction stoneware, her first love, then the step to porcelain was very short and she later specialised in porcelain with Italian and foreign potters.

In  recent years she has been involved in paper-clay porcelain, a fascinating process leading to the production of extremely light, thin and translucent pieces.

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