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Joy Engelman


I am an Australian artist well known internationally as well as at home. In 2007 I won 5th prize for painting at the Florence Biennale, which was an amazing adventure for me. To travel to Italy and win an award as an artist, was a dream come true.

I am writing an autobiography about my life as an artist for this year's project, together with images of my works and next year will see an exhibition covering 30 years of my work at the Orange Regional Gallery in June 2010.

I currently work on large landscapes, outback Australia in parts of the desert that people rarely go to. I believe we do not explore our earth enough, we do not understand this place and hence the ability to plunder the earth without thinking. If we loved the earth, then maybe, just maybe, we wouldn't harm our home, our mother, but learn to live in harmony with the planet.

My paintings aim to raise awareness of the raw beauty and the plight of 'this place', this home.

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