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Joy Engelman - ""Traces of Memory""
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Acrylic on canvas 2.4 m x 1.5 mShow details

This painting depicts me praying in the desert area known as Lake Mungo (refer centre panel of "This Sacred Place" as well).

It is night and I am dreaming of past ancestors, wondering about symbols that appear to be meaningful in my life and generally getting in contact with Mother Earth. The darkness brings peace but also strange and wonderful dreams of other lives, other times, traces os memories.

It was painted to go to Estense Castle in Ferrara for a show but didn't make it due to the economic downturn so still remains with me. I like to have it on my wall for now anyway as it is so personal on a very deep and fundamental level.



Gorge and engorged Cradles of Creation "Man VS Nature" "Patterns of the Land" "This Sacred Place" or "Il Posto Sacredo" Mungo Dreaming "Traces of Memory"
"This Sacred Place" or "Il Posto Sacredo" Mungo Dreaming "Traces of Memory"

Joy Engelman


Joy Engelman I am an Australian artist well known internationally as well as at home. In 2007 I won 5th prize for painting at the Florence Biennale, which was an amazing adventure for me. To travel to Italy and win an award as an artist, was a dream come true. I am writing an autobiography about my life as an artist for this year's project,... More


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