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M Gartner


Feverishly Gartner's biography races through the years: studies music, starts composing at the age of fifteen, begins to draw, writes poetry. Travels through Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, visits Woodstock in the right year. Meets Jacques Brel, composes for the Belgian Radio and Television-jazz band. When in Spain discovers Clavé and Tapies, well known abstract painters. Renewed interest for Brazil. Encounters the Indians. Floats down the Amazon. In 1980 Gartner decides to devote himself to the art of painting.With Gartner a window, a door which bump against a red ground of clay, of wax, wherein some broken white glows like an allusion to what lies behind as in a far-away space. Window after window painted layer from the frame on, windows looking out at nothingness. Doors leading nowhere - showing neither bolts nor hinges. They succeed each other in a game of flattened perspective, similar to these Russian dolls which end up in a visual, closed tautology - but with Gartner space starts right here, it forms the heart of his work, a space which in turn swells and reaches out to the outer corners. Almost constantly the canvas vibrates with the same pattern: the shadows of a language floats on fragments of a code reduced to typography: out of the sky he plucks script and numbers.In his studio above the Antwerp central park, he extracts his most typical color from the Milky Way, a creamy waxy white, which shows the limit between window and door, between earthly earth and universe. Endless finitude.

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