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The Kuriologist - "Steampunk Android 'Hand of Glory' Sculpture by Kuriology"
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Assemblage mixed mediumShow details

'Hand of Glory'.

Traditionally the severed hand of a hanged criminal. Supposed to have magical properties.  I think whitby museum, UK, has one in their collection.

Anyway, to hell with Azimov's three laws of robotics. If we humans eventually develop artificial inteligence robots or can bet your bottom dollar, if they are that bright they'll want to bump off the species which is endangering every other species on the planet...US. 

...and 'if' they do, then 'we' will have to bring the full force of human law down upon them & disassemble them into component parts.

..and those component parts of executed bots will no doubt be believed by some to have certain 'magical' properties.

...and thats my excuse for making a steampunk severed android ''Hand of glory'. It could have been worse...say, a steampunk phallus, oweer! 

Just saying!




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The Kuriologist


The Kuriologist A cognitively disabled sculptural artist living in rural Cornwall, UK. More than a decade of being housebound as a result of a series of prolonged assaults & hate crime vendetta that left the artist clinically & forensically diagnosed as having PTSD, catastrophic trauma, severe anxiety, panic attacks & a form of agoraphobia. Staying creative by sculpting from whatever materials were available, has been... More


Kuriology Sculpture - 'From behind closed doors'

Helston Museum Gallery
22/06/2017 - 01/07/2017