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The Kuriologist


A cognitively disabled sculptural artist living in rural Cornwall, UK.

More than a decade of being housebound as a result of a series of prolonged assaults & hate crime vendetta that left the artist clinically & forensically diagnosed as having PTSD, catastrophic trauma, severe anxiety, panic attacks & a form of agoraphobia. Staying creative by sculpting from whatever materials were available, has been an antidote to mind numbing boredom of daytime television.

"My art has been influenced by museum 'Cabinets of curiosities', kunstkammer & wunderkammer collections. Classical roman Greek mythological & male nude sculpture, along with macabre Gothic of memento-mori, with a splash of witchcraft artefacts, occult, and sprinkling of steampunk"       

Having obtained a Disability Assistance Dog early in 2016, this finally enabling me to leave confinement of the house. Sheer bliss, just me & the dog.  

Now tentatively exploring putting my sculptural art work....’Out there’!

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