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Claudia Luethi alias abdelghafar


Story of my artlife

I am drawing and painting since I can think. So in school I wanted to go to the Art School in Switzerland. But the drawing teacher of the basic school gave me a bad mark in the report. He told the other students to take me as a good example for drawing. But he gave me this bad mark.

So I asked him for the reason and he told me that for my talent I don’t work hard enough.

I was so disappointed that I didn’t even try to go to this Art School. So live was going on and I made the commercial school in Baden and I worked in several business in the office as a secretary.

I kept on drawing and all the peoble told me how beautiful my art is.

Also my husband Peter bought for me some brushes, oil coulor and canvas.

So I began to paint. In 2003 I had my first exhibition in a dentist practice and I sold also paintings there. So my life was going on and I found a other job in an office where I was working as a marketing assistant.

We went to an exhibion in munich and our slogan was „the clever cow-siwss-peoble“.

We had also a cow with us form polyester and coloured with white and black points.

One man came to as to ask for a painter who can paint this cows and my boss told him that I can to it. The result was for the next to exhbitions in Munich that I was painting cows instead of cooking coffee!

I have not learned the drawing and painting in a school but many peoble told me that my paintings are just living and have a threedimensional effect.

But now I designed also a artbook from the last 10 years of my art-work. I have painted and drawed more than 120 paintings or drawing. So you can also see it in the internet when you go to my homepage click on the link books and you can leaf through it.

The story of my name is a short marriage with an egyptian-man who had this name.

It sounds special so I kept this name as my artist-name.

So the slogan of my life is „keep on and the doors will open for you!“

Claudia Lüthi (alias Abdelghafar)

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