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Gianmario Masala


Gianmario Masala, was born in Milan where he got the Master of Arts in Architecture at Polytechnical University. He also has relevant experiences in music and motion-picture field and he has been working in Architecture and Design with Alchimia design group and with Novelli Vaghi in Milan.
He always used photography as a resource in service of his work, to study urban landscapes, buildings, artworks, spaces and volumes, in order to create photographic artworks.
For some years he creates artistic images in photography through a particular use of post-production in editing, applied on photos and digital compositions. 
The variety of textures layers in background (cracked canvas, scraped walls, rust metallic inserts and others materials) together with use of colors and focus on some parts of the image, give the sensation of landscapes' and portraits' paintings of past centuries. 
The breaking element highlighted by the fractured textures bring a sense of uneasiness, it puts “beauty” up for discussion to reach a more deep sense of “truth”, of “feel”.
In 2007 he started to post his works on many websites and networks (Flickr, Limited, Behance, Redbubble and some blogs): digital compositions made within 3D virtual worlds or completely created with post-processing softwares like Photoshop, Lightroom or Corel Painter, where the editing tends to transform them in something of a 'painterly' style. 
Since 2010 he has exposed his works in some collective exhibitions: “La sposina sbagliata/The wrong bride” (Milan, University of Turin, Cassinetta di Lugagnano), “Scatole_cilindri/Boxes_cilinders (Corsico), Notte bianca and Notte rosa/White night/Sleepless night (Corsico), “Mail art about Water (Corsico), “CGIL, un lungo cammino.../Labor union, a long way...” (Milan); “1861–2011 Testimone dell’Unità d’Italia/mail art about Italy unite (Milan and several cities all over Italy) and in his solo show “Il parco agricolo sud Milano/Farm park south Milan” (Corsico, Vigevano, Naples).
On last december/january 2010-11 his “Women portraits” was the first expo from (virtual) Metaverse projected on screens in some underground stations in Milan, in collaboration with Brera's Academy of Fine Arts, Indaco dep from Milan's Polytechnic, Imparafacile and ATM transport company.
On May 2011 he took part in his first art contemporary symposium in Milan, with a particular reference to mental unease and solidarity: many artistic events, performances and also a collective exhibition of the artworks created by the artists at the conclusion of the event.

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