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Ramaz Razmadze


Welcome to the fantastic world of Ramaz Razmadze’s surreal imagery. Ramaz Razmadze is a Georgian surrealist artist renowned for depicting his enigmatic hallucinations, illusions and mirages. He creates his surrealistic works in oil, pastel and tempera and they are mainly made in realistic manner which gives realistic impression of the depicted characters and situations despite the inconceivability of the compositions. The artist is highly influenced by the Georgian culture and urban architecture as well as by the ancient Greek and Roman history and art. Often, he derives inspiration from the tumbledown buildings of the old city of Tbilisi (his home town) and from the ancient Roman and Greek bas-relieves observed during his journeys. Themes of  music are also frequently used by the artist in both surreal and realistic pieces. The series of works depicting mirages appearing on the walls of the old town represent highly intriguing and thought-provoking images, typical for the creative work of Razmadze. Combined with other serial works reflecting his interest towards musical themes, ancient culture, connections between ancient and modern ages and human relationships, these artworks represent unique and peculiar handwriting of the artist who can be considered one of the most interesting surrealist artists today.


Ramaz Razmadze has had both solo and group exhibitions in Georgia, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA. His works are in private collections in Georgia, Russia, Bulgaria, France, Denmark, Portugal, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada, USA and many other countries.


Here is what the artist has to say about his work:


“Although compositions I create are unreal, my works are not far from reality. I do not create my own fantastic worlds, I just want the viewer to look at usual things in a different way, in a way I see them. I tell interesting stories and I try to show how things can be transformed in our minds. My works bear nether negative energy nor they depict any disturbing scenes, they are just windows to the imagery of the human characters, passions and relationships which are sometimes surreal by their own and there is not much to change to make them unreal. My aim is to make viewer think about things which are important but we usually do not notice or pay little attention to them”



Ramaz Razmadze’s works can be viewed at multiple online galleries and websites; here are some of the online sources presenting his work:


Official website of the artist:


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