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Angelika Stephan


My interest counts for the person with his moods and feelings. My pictures indicate feeling moments, however, give also occasion for the discussion with social subjects. Each of my original pictures remains a unique specimen! With the realistic painting way like portrait and sceneries or commissioned works I prefer oil paints. With abstractions I mainly use acrylic colours, often also with oilpainting.

In numerous singles, - partner exhibits and communal exhibits one already could look at my pictures.

Some of my pictures are in exhibits. - Copyright by Angelika Stephan

1956: born in Essen

1975-1981: - art study in Essen for teacher

1981-1983: training for industrial clerk

1981-2000: career and family planning

2000-2005: Member of the "Malkreises borbeck"/open studio , Essen

2001 -2005: numerous single,  partner and communal exhibits in Essen, Oberhausen, Mülheim, Dortmund, Geldern, Gladbeck, Bottrop, Duisburg, Dorsten, Gelsenkirchen (NRW)

2002: Member of the artists' group "atelier," Oberhausen

2004: Member of the group of artists"art field," Mülheim/R.

2005: Workshopteacher for oil painting at the lycée in Gladbeck

Workshopteacher for acrylic in a gallery in Essen

2005: participation in several that in Mülheim and Oberhausen

2006: published in magazine "free kunstforum owl"

2006-2009: organization of art exhibitions and art markets

2006/2007: more numerous individual and communal exhibits, also nationwide

2008: Publication in magazine "artist window", no33

2008: member as an artist in the gallery of the authors platform by Manfred Wrobel

2008: more singles and communal exhibits

2008: Member of the artists' group "Kunst4tel," Wattenscheid

2008: 1. Price artist contest "enthusiasm" Talentfair

2008: poem publishing in "selected works XI", poetry anthology of german poetry library

2009: Member of the authors platform Manfred Wrobel

2009: Publication in magazine "artist window", no34

2009: More singles and communal exhibits, also international

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