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Ahmed suveyb Suveyb


 I  grew up in an art environment, my father being the most renowned artist in the Maldives i was lucky enough to see and witness his work, devotion, style and techniques. During school days i have won several National awards.

Since 1986 i have been painting and in  different styles, i like experimenting every day. My paintings were recognized mostly by hoteliers so there was a commercial demand for it. During 2008 i changed my painting style. Inspired by Maori art and local Lacquerer work designs.  I wanted to  spread the word 'Love and Respect'.

Worked as an artist in the "Maldives story" 2009 with several artist. A founder member of the first art association of Maldives(United Artists of Maldives).A member of the National Art Gallery.

Exhibitions: National Art gallery, National art and craft exhibition(4 times), "SHE" art  festival 1991,Best exhibit 1980(national art and craft exhibition)

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