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Edward Tabachnik


Edward Tabachnik -Biography and Education

Born October 1936 in Russia.

1955 - Graduated from St. Petersburg (Leningrad) School of Arts at the Academy of Arts and Architecture.
1961 - Graduated from The Academy of Arts and Architecture.
Degree Artist-Architect.
St. Petersburg Academy of Arts and Architecture - one of the world leading Art Schools.
It is the historic center of Russian Arts and Culture. The Academy was founded by the Empress Catherine The Great more than than 250 years ago, and has always been traditionally connected to the French Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. Yehuda Pen, Chagall's first teacher, Antakolsky, Repin, Serov, Surikov, Brulov, Vrubel, Roerich and many others are most famous Russian artists who attended The St. Petersburg Academy of Arts.


1965 - 1972, Russia, Moscow - Number of unofficial exhibitions. Solo and group Exhibitions in Moscow Association of Architects. Private exhibitions. Participation in the National Art Exhibition in Russian Museum in Leningrad (Graphicks).
1972-1974, Israel. Personal exhibition in Ashkelon. Exhibitions in Tel Aviv.
1975- Canada, Toronto. Exhibitions in the Scollard Gallery.
1975-Exhibition at The Johnson Public Library, New Jersey, USA. Graphics.
1976-1981, Many solo, group exhibitions at the Gallery Heritage,Toronto.
1982-1990, Personal exhibitions. Toronto.
1990-2005, Solo exhibitions with Richmond Art Collection. Toronto.
1996-Solo exhibition with Gallery Hittite, Toronto. 15 paintings.
1997-2001, Personal exhibitions with Richmond Art Collection. Toronto.
2000-Art without Walls, Exhibition in Polish Consulate, New York City. 6 paintings.
2000-Solo Exhibit at The Museum of European Art, Clarence, NY. 8 paintings.
2000-Jubilee Exhibition in Newman Center, University of Torornto.
2001-Solo Exhibit."Halls of Hermitage",The Museum of European Art, NY.7paintings.
2002-Solo Exhibit."Dreams and Memories"at JCC Atrium Gallery, NJ. 16 paintings.
2002-Solo Exhibit."Past, Present and Future"at JCC Waltuch Gallery, NJ. 24 paintings.
2002-Exhibit."Old Musical Instruments" in Lincoln Center of Perfoming Arts,NYC.

8 paintings and prints.
2002-2003, Exhibition, "Salon d'Automne International des Beaux-Arts de Montreal", Canada.4 paintings.
2003- Exhibition "At The Hermitage", The Museum of European Art, Clarence, NY.
2002- E.Tabachnik's painting has been published in "World Art Collection: 1001 Reasons to Love The Earth".
2003- Exhibition in Sejong Art Centre, Seoul, Korea.

2003 & 2005- E.Tabachnik invited to exhibit his paintings at "Biennale Internazionale, Dell'Arte Conteporanea", Florence and in "The Museum Nazionale", Rome. Italy.
2004- "Salvador Dali 100 Years", Exhibition in The Museum of European Arts, Clarence, NY.

2005 - Exhibition "Art For Nature" , Museum Leeuwenberg, Utrecht, Netherlands
2005 - "The Togo Salmon Centenary Exhibition. The Classical World and Its Influence" in The McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. 4 paintings.
2006- Exhibition "Earth Day 2006", Ouwehands, Rhenen, Netherlands.
2006- Exhibit. "Art Metropolis", Museum of European Art, Clarence, NY 3 paintings.
2006- Exhibition "Building Cultural Bridges: Art from the former Soviet Union to America", Mizel Museum, Denver, Colorado, USA. 4 paintings.

2007-”Annual Valentine’s Show” , Gallery Hittite, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

2007-Solo exhibition “Ancient Musical Instruments” and Mystery of The Past Romantic Expressionism in Oil Paintings by Edward Tabachnik” in Walt Whitman Birthplace Museum, Long Island, New York, 18 paintings.

2007-Exhibition in Kenan Center, New York “Crossing Borders: Works by Canadian Artists” 3 paintings.

2008-”Annual Valentine’s Show Paintings and Sculptures”, Gallery Hittite, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

2009-"Homage to Salvador Dali". The Museum of European Art, New York. 4 paintings by E.Tabachnik.

Honorary Member.


2006 - The painting “Sonata of Sea . Clouds”, by Edward Tabachnik has been used for the cover “Artistry of Life” Magazine.

2006 - The Painting “Eternity. Tree of Life” has been used as the cover for the book of poetry “The Birds of The Past are Singing” by Lynn Stronglin.

2007-“Exodus”, Jewish Russian Magazine, Interview with E.Tabachnik. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

2008 - Russian Jews in North America “Painter Edward Tabachnik“, International


2002 - The Painting "St. Mark Basilica and Companille" by Edward Tabachnik has been published in "World Art Collection " book "1001 Reasons to Love The Earth". The Painting has been exhibited in Seoul, Korea, Netherlands.

2001- Edward Tabachnik has been admitted as the Honorary Member of The Order of Alexander The Great. Oredr of Alexander The Great is an international organization which honors life-long cultural accomplishments. Among its Honorary Members were and are: Salvador Dali, Henry Moore, Fernand Mourlot, Jean Cocteau, Herbert von Karajan, Leonard Bernstein, President Francois Mitterrand, Swami Rama of Himalayas, Ernst Junger. The Croun Prince of Spain, Prince of Weles, Film director Jean-Jacques Annaud, Astronaut John Glenn, Actor Sir Peter Ustinov, Sculptor Kurt Arentz, Writer Ruth Zucker of Israel and others.

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