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Take part and share with Artobolus

Artobolus has been designed to let the members of the community to interact with the others!
Tell us your ideas and opinions!
Through Artobolus you can comment every work and share your ideas with artists and other users.

How can you participate? No problem, it's very easy:

Log in to your account, surf and search for a work you would like to comment. You can place your comment in the blank under the work! Click on "publish your comment" you will find immediately published on the website what you have just written! Click on "Show all": you can display all the other people's comments about a certain work and enjoy yourself!


All the artists can share their own works with the community, with other artists, and discuss about different techniques. Since Artobolus in international it allows users to keep in touch with different cultures, to know artists from all over the world and to discover new talents....