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Let's start from the Home Page

The Home Page offers a quick survey of the web site:
a main work, randomly choosen among those of the registered artists and a variety of shorter images portraying other authors' works are at the center of the page. Click on the images and you will find the authors' personal pages.
Writing in the search field the name of an artist or one or more keywords you will find what you are looking for.

The surfing menu

On the left of the page you can always find the web site surfing menu:
the "Home Page" button sends you back to the Home Page of the web site at any moment;
the "how does it work" button is linked to the section dedicated to the Artobolus description;
the "Sign In" button will lead you to the web site registration page;
the "Artists" button will give you the artists alphabetical order, then you will be able to select the country or the category.


Under the surfing menu you can find "random tags", a list of useful keywords for a fast search in the web site.

Login area

Up on the right of the page, registered members, artists or users, can log in their personal account using their user name and password.

Useful info, rules and language choice

The menu at the end of the page contains some useful links to correctly use the web site: the Artobolus guide, Terms of Use, the Privacy policy, some info about copyright laws and the link "report abuse".
Besides, you would be able to choose the language. The default language of Artobolus is english.

Other Artobolus web pages: artists' personal sections

If you click on one of the Home Page works, on a search result or on one of the authors of the artists's list you will see an artist's personal page. You can click on lateral arrows to browse all the artworks (probably composed by thematic sections) and if you click on the main image you can obtain the image zooming; then you will find the artist's biography, his personal exhibitions, ateliers and galleries where you can buy his works and his contacts (e-mail, Skype contact, personal web site).